Pre inspection form

The Office of Cannabis is scheduling inspections of cannabis businesses who registered their cannabis activity.

Before your inspection

Once you are given your inspection date and time, you must submit the pre-inspection form 24 hours prior to the inspection.

If the Office of Cannabis does not receive your form, your inspection will be cancelled and your rescheduled inspection will move to the bottom of the inspection list.

What will be required of you during inspection

On the day of the inspection, inspectors from the Office of Cannabis, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Building Inspection, and the Fire Department will visit your premises. For purposes of the inspection, you will be required to:

  • Ensure all designees knowledgeable about all aspects of day-to-day operations are present and available to inspectors throughout the duration of the inspection.
  • Be prepared to allow all inspectors access to every room, space, all electrical facilities, sprinkler risers and fire alarm control panels in the building. This may mean ensuring the property manager or landlord is present.
  • If you have building permits, job cards (tenant and owner) and site plans have those onsite for inspectors to review.
  • If you have a five year fire alarm certification, have that onsite for inspectors to review.
  • For manufacturers, have your manufacturing processes staged and be prepared to demonstrate your process flow to inspectors.

For purposes of ensuring expedient follow-up on any possible violations, we encourage you to consider having a licensed contractor present during the inspection so that inspectors may discuss necessary corrections with them.

If you are unable to make your scheduled inspection, a rescheduled inspection may occur, but will be deprioritized.

What the inspections cover

This guidance sets forth the Director's Interim Health and Safety Standards applicable to applicants for temporary cannabis business permits.


Section 1605 of the San Francisco Police Code establishes the process by which an applicant may apply for and receive a temporary cannabis business permit to engage in commercial cannabis activities other than storefront cannabis retail sales. Under Section 1605(d), an applicant must submit an application to the Office of Cannabis and, among other things, demonstrate that the proposed cannabis business complies with interim health and safety standards developed by the Director of the Office of Cannabis (“Director”), in consultation with the Department of Building Inspection (“DBI”), the Fire Department (“SFFD”), the Police Department (“SFPD”), and the Department of Public Health (“SFDPH”). The interim health and safety must be sufficient to protect the health and safety of employees, neighbors, and customers, and to prohibit unlawful access to cannabis and cannabis products by underage individuals.

If you have questions about the inspections, email the

Due to the abbreviated timeframe, for purposes of these inspections, the City will be working concurrently to confirm your activity, inspect your facility and open applications for temporary permits. Therefore, this inspection does not in any way mean that all the requirements for proof of activity, planning code compliance, etc. are met.