Equity Incubator

If you want to incubate an Equity Applicant, review the Equity Program criteria for below. Then use our online tool to start the process of partnering with an Equity Applicant.

As an Equity incubator

You must meet the overall criteria for incubation. In addition, you must provide a verified Equity Applicant with one of two kinds of support:

  • rent-free space - this option requires you to meet the criteria for onsite or offsite provision of space.
  • technical assistance - this option requires you to submit a technical assistance plan to the Office of Cannabis.

Steps to become an Equity Incubator

  • Tell the City you want to be an Equity Incubator. This information does not need to be made public.
  • Partner with a verified Equity Applicant. Once you register, you can request a list of verified Equity Applicants from the Office of Cannabis.
  • Draft your agreement with an Equity Applicant that meets all the City’s requirements for incubation.
  • Email that agreement to the Office of Cannabis for review.
  • Gather information about your future operation, including documents regarding your business formation, and your right to occupy a location.
  • Once we approve your agreement, we will send you an incubator verification number and provide you with a link to part 1 of the Cannabis Business Permit Application.
  • Apply for a Cannabis Business Permit (part 1).

For more information on equity incubation, email officeofcannabis@sfgov.org

Possible Equity Incubators

The businesses below have told the Office of Cannabis that they want to be Equity Incubators. If you are an Equity Applicant, get in touch with them.