Cannabis Permits

On January 1, 2018, California legalized cannabis use by adults 21 and older. San Francisco is moving to regulate both existing and new cannabis businesses.

All businesses that cultivate, manufacture, distribute, test and sell cannabis in California must obtain local and state approval to operate. If you want to start a cannabis business in San Francisco, you’ll need to meet the new requirements for a local cannabis business permit before applying for your state license.

Applications for Cannabis Business Permits are now available.

Who can apply

You can apply for a Cannabis Business Permit in the City of San Francisco if your business:

  • qualifies for the Equity Program
  • holds a temporary permit from the Office of Cannabis
  • is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary with a permit under Article 33 from the Department of Public Health
  • applied for an Article 33 Permit from the Department of Public Health that required referral to and approval by the Planning Commission before September 26, 2017
  • registered with the Office of Cannabis in 2017, proved existing activity, signed and complied with an affidavit
  • operated in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and were forced to stop operations as a result of federal prosecution or threat of federal prosecution

If you believe you meet at least one of these qualifications and you want to apply, please reach out to the Office of Cannabis for instructions on next steps by emailing or calling (415) 554-4420.

New cannabis retail locations can’t be within 600 feet of a school or other cannabis retail location. You can look at the map of submitted storefront retail locations to see if your location qualifies. You can read the Final Regulations on the 600 Foot Rule to understand how your application will be processed if there are other applications submitted within 600 feet of your application.

Office Hours
Monday to Friday (walk-in and by appointment)
City Hall, Room 018, 1pm to 5pm

To schedule an appointment, email or call (415) 554-4420.

How to apply

We are not accepting applications for Cannabis Business Permits yet, but you can start gathering the information that’s required for the application. The Office of Cannabis will email all verified applicants instructions on how to apply for a Cannabis Business Permit (part 1) as soon as the application is available.

After you submit part 1 of the application, you must:

  • pay the $2,000 application fee (waived for Equity Applicants)
  • have all business owners complete background checks

The Office of Cannabis will email you information on the next part of your application after we have received background checks on all owners.

Comment on cannabis regulations

The City of San Francisco is establishing cannabis related regulations. If you want to participate in this process, you can submit written comments regarding the proposed rules and regulations.

Federal law

Even though cannabis is legal under California law, it is still considered an illegal drug by the federal government. Federal authorities may arrest and prosecute individuals who violate federal law, even if their conduct is legal under state and local law.

Many places in California, like airports, national parks, federal buildings, and military installations are policed by federal authorities.

If you have questions or concerns about compliance with federal law, you should seek legal advice.


The California Department of Public Health provides information on the penalties for:

More information

Local businesses must comply with state cannabis regulations. Learn more about state requirements: