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Cannabis business registration

Who can register

Any cannabis businesses engaging in cannabis activity in San Francisco prior to September 26, 2017 can register.

Operators permitted under Article 33 of the San Francisco Health Code (MCDs), or in the process of getting a permit to operate a retail location and have a hearing scheduled at the Planning Commission cannot register now. The Office of Cannabis will contact MCDs about a separate application process.

The City’s process for issuing permanent permits is being decided by the Board of Supervisors now. The legislation creating the permitting process has been introduced and is before Commissions and the Board of Supervisors for consideration.


Registration closes November 30, 2017.
We will conduct public health and safety inspections throughout late November and all of December.

About the registration

You must register your operation with the City in order to apply for a temporary permit to operate your medical cannabis operation for commercial purposes in 2018. This temporary permit will authorize operators to seek a temporary state license for commercial medicinal operations in 2018. The legislation before the Board of Supervisors contemplates only giving temporary permit holders, equity applicants, and Compassionate Use Act of 1996 compliant operators that were shut down by federal action access to permanent permit applications for adult use and medical commercial cannabis activity in 2018.

After you register

Once you register for your existing medicinal cannabis activity, we will check that you are:

  • allowed by the property owner to conduct cannabis related activity at your location
  • appropriately zoned
  • paying taxes in San Francisco
  • a pre-existing operation conducting medical cannabis activity at your premises

We will also check any previous city approvals you share with us. These could help speed up the inspection process.

After your application is reviewed and the information you provide is verified, we will schedule an inspection of your operation. This inspection will be done by a team from our building, health, and fire departments, and the Office of Cannabis. The inspection is to ensure your operation does not present an imminent threat to public health and safety. You will need to pass this inspection to be eligible for a temporary permit to operate.

To help us better understand the cannabis industry in San Francisco, we may also ask for additional information about your operations, such as how many people you employ.

There may be a fee for your application and inspection. However, we won’t ask for this fee until you apply for a permanent permit in 2018.

If you have questions related to these requests, please email the

What you need to register

We are registering cannabis businesses by location. To complete the registration, you will need:

  • your Business Registration Certificate (BRC), dated before September 26th
  • when you began medical cannabis activity at your location with copies of articles of incorporation, invoices, rent, utility bills and other documents to confirm the date
  • any state and local permits, licenses and registrations for that location
  • proof of your legal right to occupy and use the proposed location for a cannabis business
  • location of your operation, including the block and lot information and the zoning district

As evidence of your right to use the proposed location we need a copy of the deed. If you do not own the property you must provide a statement from the landowner (or that landowner’s agent) of real property where the commercial cannabis activity is occurring, as proof that the landowner has acknowledged and consented to the activity being conducted on the property.