Good Neighbor Policy

Every cannabis business must have a Good Neighbor Policy. It defines how your physical business interacts with the neighborhood.

You will need to meet with your neighbors and get feedback on your Good Neighbor Policy.

See the steps needed for community outreach.


In general, we will need the following commitments in your Good Neighbor Policy. Refer to the regulations for details about Good Neighbor Policy requirements.

All cannabis businesses must:

  • Provide strong outside lighting to illuminate sidewalks and streets
  • Provide enough ventilation that cannabis cannot be smelled from outside
  • Clean the area around your business

Storefront retail businesses must:

  • Ban loitering and littering in and around your business
  • Put up signs to remind customers to keep the neighborhood peaceful
  • Put up signs to ban littering and loitering
  • Put up signs to keep driveways clear
  • Put up signs banning cannabis smoking in public places. This includes sidewalks and business entrances
  • Ensure all signs are prominent and well-lit at public entrances and exits
  • Ban double parking outside of your business
  • Secure the premises within 50 feet of public entrances and exits

Businesses seeking a consumption permit must:

  • Place "No Smoking" signs where smoking is banned
  • Place "No Consuming Cannabis" signs where cannabis cannot be consumed
  • Ask customers who are smoking or consuming cannabis in a prohibited area to stop
  • Ensure signs are prominent and well-lit at public entrances and exit

You also must gather feedback on your Good Neighbor Policy from your neighbors. This may be during your outreach meetings or outside of them. They may ask for more commitments from you. We will ask you about these extra commitments in your application.

Be aware that any commitments you make on your Good Neighbor Policy will be conditions of your permit.