Laws and regulations

Laws with amendments

Police Code

Article 16

Health Code

Article 8A, Article 33

Administrative Code

Chapter 96B, Section 10.100-162



Regulations open for comment



Adopted regulations

1618(cc) Renewable Energy Requirements

1621.5 Temporary Cannabis Event

Section 1608(c)(9) Equity Commitment Required for Ownership Transfer - Temporary Regulation

1609(B)(24) Virtual Community Outreach and Neighborhood Notice – Temporary Regulation

1606(c) Permit Application Processing

1609(b)(16) Premises Diagram Rulemaking 

1609(b)(19) Good Neighbor Policy

1609(b)(24) Community Outreach

1609(b)(11)(D), 1618(j) Security Plan and Identification Badge

1609(b)(12) Labor peace agreement

1604(c) Equity incubator

1604(b)(2) Household asset limits for equity applicants



Bulleting 2023-05: Redistributing Cannabis Grants

Bulletin 2023-04: Addressing Contract Provisions Requiring Equity Applicants to Participate in Forced Sales

Bulletin 2023-03: Cannabis Grants (2023)_Amended

Bulletin 2023-02: Temporary Cannabis Event Policy

Bulletin 2023-01: Tour Policy

Bulletin 2022-07: Clarifying what Constitutes a Material Change to an Equity Applicant’s Permit Application

Bulletin 2022-06: Clarifying the Frequency of Background Reviews_Amended

Bulletin 2022-05: Cannabis Grants (2022)

Bulletin 2022-04: MCD Standardization Guidelines

Bulletin 2022-03: Clarifying the 45-day Shot Clock for Additional Information

Bulletin 2022-02: Temporary Cannabis Event Policy 

Bulletin 2022-01: Tour Policy

Bulletin 2021-05: Redistributing Cannabis Grants

Bulletin 2021-04: Clarifying Annual Energy Requirements

Bulletin 2021-03: Clarifying the Frequency of Background Reviews

Bulletin 2021-02: Temporary Cannabis Event Policy 

Bulletin 2021-01: Tour Policy

Bulletin 2020-03: Cannabis Retail Business Accessibility

Bulletin 2020-02: Temporary Cannabis Event Policy

Bulletin 2020-01: Tour Policy 

Bulletin 2019-06: Clarifying Waste Disposal in Mixed-use Buildings

Bulletin 2019-05: Clarifying the Equity Applicant's CEO Responsibilities 

Bulletin 2019-04: Reiterating Local Laws Applicable to Cannabis Deliveries

Bulletin 2019-03: Enforcement Principles and Office of Cannabis Identification

Bulletin 2019-02: Use of Business Name 

Bulletin 2019-01: Tour Policy

Bulletin 2018-01: Duty to maintain a current and complete Cannabis Business Permit Application