Operation Requirements

Below is a preliminary list of requirements for permitting most types of cannabis businesses. We will update the list as we finalize our regulations. Check back for updates.

We've put together a preliminary list of what we will ask for on the application. We’re still working on this list and clarifying application requirements, many of which you can comment on.

Before you get a location:

Once you’ve got a location:

  • if you rent, submit a copy of the lease and letter from landlord allowing you to operate a cannabis business at the location.
  • if you own, submit a copy of the title or deed.

Preliminary list of requirements

Premises diagram


  • design to scale
  • boundaries, walls, and rooms
  • shared and not shared entrances and exits
  • where each activity takes place
  • employee-only areas
  • other limited-access areas
  • uses of other parts of the building
See details

Security plan


  • alarm system
  • surveillance system
  • the number and location of surveillance cameras
  • installed recording devices and where they are located
See details

Water management plan


  • identity of water supplier
  • the area where water will be used for cultivation, and how you will manage water conservation
  • water disposal plan cannabis green waste, hazmat, recycling, and landfill materials

Hazardous materials plan for cultivation and/or manufacturing


  • a detailed map of where you will store all hazardous materials
  • hazardous materials list
  • fertilizers list
  • pesticides list
  • propagation materials list

Track-and-trace compliance plan

Describing how you will track and trace your cannabis products

Power management plan


  • how you will use and conserve energy
  • power provider identification

Youth prevention plan

Describing ways to limit access to your business by anyone under 21

Odor mitigation plan

Describing how you will manage the smell of cannabis

Cannabis permits

Provide copies of permits from other cities, counties or states

Cannabis processing equipment

List all equipments