Community Plans

Below is a preliminary list of requirements for permitting most types of cannabis businesses. We will update the list as we finalize our regulations. Check back for updates.

We've put together a preliminary list of what we will ask for on the application. We’re still working on this list and clarifying application requirements, many of which you can comment on.

Later in the application process, you will need to develop community plans. It could be helpful to think about these plans now.

Good Neighbor Policy

Describing how you will:

  • work with your neighbors and steps you have taken so far
  • understand the community you are in and how to resolve any concerns about your business
  • prevent people from hanging out in front of your business, blocking right-of-way and disturbing your neighbors

Community Benefits Agreement

Describing concrete steps to:

  • provide employment opportunities to persons that have been disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis
  • encourage and support the establishment and growth of Equity Operators
  • otherwise further the City’s equity goals