We are asking for suggestions and comments from industry members, community members and policymakers on new regulation and amendments to the planning code.

The legislation is currently being discussed by the City. Any comments you give us will be shared with the Board of Supervisors.

To comment, email officeofcannabis@sfgov.org

The legislation will also be discussed at public meetings. These meetings provide additional opportunities to comment on the legislation.

How to comment

To comment on specific sections of the legislation, you need to include:

  • the document you are commenting on
  • page number
  • line number
  • exact language used in the legislation
  • your suggested revisions

Send your comments to officeofcannabis@sfgov.org

The Office will let you know that we received your comments and seek clarification from you if necessary.

We will share all your comments with the members of the Board of Supervisors.

Public meetings on cannabis legislation

There will be many forums discussing cannabis legislation that are open for the public to comment.